GreenLight Customer Testimonials

”We used GreenLight Collaboration for our first ever Web Cast Sales Meeting. At first we were nervous about not having our Sales Reps face to face in a meeting. GreenLight Collaboration offered us a great solution where we were able to involve everyone even though they were at various places across the country.”
- Megan B., International Ski Manufacturer

“GreenLight Collaboration is a very effective tool that allows presentations & videos to come across to a large group exactly the way they would if you were in a large conference room.”
- Monique R., Marketing Professional

“Some of our favorite features in our last meeting - were the "Raise Hand tool"  & "Instant Message Tool". Even though our sales force was tuning in from remote locations they were still able to ask questions and interact with the home office as if they were in the same room.”
- Lisa J., Professional Consultant and Trainer

"Today was our first web conference with your service. I’ve done webex’s before and I find your platform SOOO much more user friendly then webex. Everything ran very smoothly. My graphics guy likes your site better then WebeX too and says the slides look much better on your service."
- Lauren, Medical Communications Company

"We are really happy with how our web meetings are going with your service. This is going to save me tons of travel and the company money"
- Bill, Medical Device Manufacturer

"I wanted to THANK YOU and your team for the outstanding job on helping ensure our on-line event was a complete a success. It was a relief to have your support while preparing for the meeting and I’m getting a lot of positive feedback from our executives. Thanks again."
- Angie, National Association of Financial Institutions

Tom Kelly at USSA talks about the GreenLight experience.