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In today’s constantly changing virtual world, business leaders need communication tools that combine multiple technologies, yet are easy to use and available on demand.  GreenLight Collaboration’s Resource Center is for people who embrace virtual collaboration. This section is designed to provide virtual workers, knowledge workers, managers—anyone that desires to get more done more while saving time and money.   Whether you are a “virtual veteran” or you are just beginning to understand the power of instant, on-demand collaboration, you’ll find valuable information to work smarter.

Browse our resource library to learn how others are adding productivity and efficiency to streamline how they work and play. Get inspired. Share ideas. Spark your imagination.

Articles and Reports Browse tips and best practices in leading, managing, and working with virtual teams
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Read the Blog Get tips and sage advice to collaborate and communicate more effectively from GreenLight Collaboration’s virtual communication expert, Trina Hoefling. Since 1984, Trina’s experience in virtual work and collaboration across boundaries is arguably the most extensive in the field. She is a pioneer in the virtual work arena and as Managing Partner of GroupONE Solutions, she implements virtual solutions for companies ranging from privately held businesses to Fortune 50 clients and the government. She is the author of WORKING VIRTUALLY: Managing Successful Virtual Teams and Organizations and several other publications.

Working and Collaborating in a Virtual World


Leadership and Managing Virtual Teams

Top Ten Strategies for Managers of Mobile Workers

Why Project Teams Fail... And How to Build High Performing Teams Who Execute Effectively on Critical Initiatives (link coming soon)

Virtual Collaboration Troubleshooting Matrix


The Virtual Presenter's Handbook (Volume 1) (Paperback)
By Roger Courville

Roger Courville is one of the world’s leading web conferencing experts (which is why he is GreenLight Collaboration’s featured blog expert). In his latest book, The Virtual Presenter’s Handbook, Roger shared his wisdom from conducting more than a thousand presentations online.  Learn key principles that apply to successful online presentations, and how to be a better presenter.

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Managing Telework: Strategies for Managing the Virtual Workforce
By Jack Nilles

Known internationally as one of the foremost experts in telecommuting, Jack Nilles here provides a complete guide to designing and implementing an efficient and successful telecommuting program. Based on his previous book Making Telecommuting Happen, this book is updated to include current issues relating to companies and managers working with a virtual workforce. This essential tool provides complete information on everything from effective methods for managing individuals working in the field to the legal issues surrounding distance workers to using the right technology. Managing Telework is unique in that it delivers both the big picture and implementation details needed to successfully manage a virtual workforce.

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Virtual Leadership: Secrets from the Round Table for the Multi-Site Manager
By Jaclyn Kostner

A guide for managers whose team is dispersed over multiple business locations explains how to overcome geographical limitations, establish positive relationships between dispersed employees, and use technology effectively.

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WORKING VIRTUALLY: Managing Successful Virtual Teams and Organizations
By Trina Hoefling

Publishers Weekly Review: Working Virtually explains what’s needed in terms of both organizational and individual development for successful virtual work—and shows how the technological tools support and expand the options for collaboration in all kinds of virtual work environments. It answers such critical questions as “What makes working virtually work?” “How do we start?” “How do you develop new leaders in a virtual environment?” “What skills do virtual managers and team members need?” “How do you determine how ready the employees are?” “Which technologies are most appropriate for your purposes?” “What’s the impact on existing systems and structures?” Working Virtually proves how simple, practical, and productive working virtually really is, and sends the messages that managers and IT departments would benefit from equipping their people with remote connectivity tools so that they really can work any time from any place—whether the local coffee shop or corporate board room.

Hoefling says, “While the collaborative technology is understood, what managers and team leaders lack is a clear guide to the human skills for bonding individuals into cohesive, high-performance teams across distances and differences. This book is a critical tool to help prepare people, systems, and structures for a smooth transition or expansion into a virtual environment.”

Through work charts, vivid “composite” examples, definitions and actual cases, Working Virtually explains how to reframe an organization without losing the culture, how to manage the group dynamics of change, and create trust by expanding “emotional bandwidth.” She sets out the criteria for selecting technologies to adapt and guide communication and work flow processes to a virtual environment, discusses new team roles, and how to select virtual team candidates. She covers training, communication, and management. “This book defines clearly how to realign your organization in order to fully support viable virtual work, and what technology and software, minimally, is needed to create a collaborative environment,” Hoefling says.

Working Virtually endorsements:

“Working Virtually brings the growing world of ‘distributed work’ into a strategic perspective. Trina Hoefling not only highlights the important distinctions between virtual workgroups and virtual teams, but also provides detailed practical steps and tools for implementation and management. It provides a bridge across the chasm. This is a book the CEO should read first…then pass along to all key managers.” Dave Mead, CEO, Mead Consulting Group/TSI Services

“An enlightening book! Trina Hoefling has helped me better understand how we can effectively and efficiently work virtually. She has a gift of communicating in a compelling and practical manner that inspires one to action. This is a must read book for anyone considering a virtual work environment.” Robert Garcia, Director, International Truck and Engine University (Now with Kohler Industries)

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The Handbook of High Performance Virtual Teams: A Toolkit for Managing Across Boundaries
By Jill Nemiro (Editor), Michael M. Beyerlein (Editor), Lori Bradley (Editor), Susan Beyerlein (Editor)

Hoefling chapter title “Expanding Emotional Bandwidth: The Three-Fold Path.” The chapter focus is on setting up and sustaining communication systems and work / organizational processes that work in your company’s virtual or hybrid environment, and developing management and work practices that maintain high trust and successful work outcomes.

Amazon Review: The Handbook of High-performance Virtual Teams is an essential resource for leaders, virtual team members, and work group leaders. The editors provide a proved framework based on five principles for working collaboratively across boundaries of time, space, and culture. Written by experts in the field, the contributors offer practical suggestions and tools for virtual team who need to assess their current level of effectiveness and develop strategies for improvement. This important resource also contains an array of illustrative cases as well as practical tools for designing, implementing, and maintaining effective virtual work.

"This book is critical reading for leaders and practitioners facing the global virtual work environment. It provides exceptional insight into virtual teaming, which is a key to producing profound business results." Ed Schaniel, IDS Director of Employee Involvement and Lean Integration, The Boeing Company

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