GreenLight Web Conferencing

Meetings on Demand

Launch a meeting to instantly collaborate with your team. If you want to get your point across faster you can do it more effectively with web conferencing. Simply send an email or meeting request with the web conferencing address. Recipients simply click and they are connected.

Add Video Conferencing

Instantly launch up to 12 webcams so your team is in a true virtual meeting space.  GreenLight’s video conferencing makes it easy to meet face to face with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Not only is it simple to use, the price is simple too. A low monthly flat rate price gives you unlimited use to see and work with your team and customers.

Share Presentations, Drawings, and Documents

Post PowerPoint, images, videos and audio files to your on-line library and be prepared to present whatever your meeting calls for. Desktop sharing gives you and your participants the ability to show websites, software demos and other files in your meeting. Send files right in your meeting so your audience leaves with the material they need to take action. Your online tool box from GreenLight will allow you to communicate and collaborate in new ways.

Instantly Record and Send Messages

Do you need a message to stand out from the crowd? Email and voicemail messages get lost in the clutter of voicemail and inboxes. Now you can immediately create and send visual messages to your prospects, your customers or your team. Simple click to record a personal message, talk over a presentation, a web tour or an application demo, and send it to one person… or hundreds!

Comprehensive, Yet Simple. Premium Service is Standard at GreenLight.

GreenLight’s standard service provides you with a comprehensive toolbox that is always simple to use yet more robust than other conferencing services.

Standard Toolkit
GreenLight web is Adobe Flash-based (no downloads required!)
Record live meetings
PowerPoint with annotation tools
Desktop screen sharing with remote control
Share files between users
Play streaming video or audio clips
Chat and use other feedback tools
Personalize your meeting with images, logos and contact information
Take and send screen shots

Video Conferencing

Add video conferencing and launch up to 12 webcams instantly!

  • Make video conferencing a part of your standard toolbox for a low, flat monthly rate.
  • Meet face-to-face and collaborate with your customers, partners and coworkers. “Seeing is believing!”  Pick up non-verbal responses.  Get extra assurance that your audience is paying attention (and not multi-tasking!)   Warm up your on-line meetings.  Keep remote workers connected on a more personal level and make them feel more like a part of the team.

There are a lot of good web conferencing services out there. Ours happens to be one of them. There are some things we do differently than the big guys. Below is a quick vendor comparison chart of the features deemed most useful by web users.

Premium service is standard at GreenLight. Compare the web conferencing and collaboration features of GreenLight with other platforms and you’ll see why so many people Go GreenLight!

Feature GreenLight web Webex GoToMeeting Adobe Connect
Instantly Launch. No User Downloads Required YES NO NO YES
Instantly Launch. No Presenter Downloads Required YES NO NO NO
Screen Sharing YES YES YES YES
Upload PowerPoint YES YES NO YES
Whiteboard YES YES NO YES
Play Media Files (FLV & MP3) YES NO NO YES
File Sharing YES Requires prior upload NO Requires prior upload
Same on Macs & Linux YES Mac lacks features Mac and Linux lacks features Mac yes, Linux no
Multiple Presenter Support YES
No software install required
Limited to one at a time and requires install of software Limited to one at a time and requires install of software Limited to one at a time and requires install of software
Conference Recording YES Requires Software Download Requires Software Download YES
On Demand Voicemail/email Recording YES NO NO YES
Customize your meeting room YES Additional Cost NO Additional Cost
Webcam YES – Up to 12 YES – Up to 6 NO YES – Up to 2